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This DVD contains the 26 minute award winning film including the following special features:

Making Inspector 42 - A special behind the scenes featurette with interviews from cast and crew including video of the announcement and acceptance speeches at the 2010 Student Emmys.

Digital Story Board to Scene Comparison - A look at how a key sequence in the film was planned shot by shot.

Commentary - featuring writer/producer Lyvia Martínez & writer/director Nathan D. Lee.

Alternate Color Sequence - A never before seen look at the opening sequence of the film take from the original color negative. (Includes director commentary)

Promotional Trailer

Spanish, French and English SDH Subtitles.

Instant Menus - That’s right folks. Tired of DVDs claiming interactive menus are a special feature when all they do is delay you getting to the content and often give away part of the movie? Well, we are pleased to announce the special feature of (drum roll) menus that take you where you want to go instantly.

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